Young black couple on a couch clearly having a disagreement

So Your Partner Doesn’t Want to Go to Couples Therapy. Now What? 

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Most of our partners have behaviors we struggle with. If you occasionally find your partner annoying, don’t worry – you’re human. But sometimes, these issues escalate. We feel really helpless and angry and resentful with the other person. We might even begin to question the relationship entirely.  Generally, this is around the time that we cart ourselves off to couples …

(Healthy) Entitlement is the Secret Ingredient to Save your Struggling Relationship

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When you think of the word “Entitlement”, what comes to mind?  It’s probably negative. You might think of it in a pejorative sense, like “that entitled jerk just walked in demanding a free refill on his coffee. We don’t do that here!”  But I’m here to tell you that entitlement can be a good thing. And no matter what your …