Ryan Ginn, LPC
Relationship Educator & Coach


  • MA, Counseling Psychology, Saybrook University
  • Senior Trainer, Masters Center for Transformation
  • PACT Institute, Level II Couples Therapist
  • Hakomi Institute, Level III Somatic Therapist
  • Voice Dialogue Institute, Level II Trained
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Level II Trained


my story


At age 22 I had a crisis: I was in deep emotional and physical pain. There wasn’t anyone around. I didn’t have community. I had questions that were haunting me about what to do in a world that seemed like it was  so shallow and self-destructive. I didn’t buy into the economy as it was. I didn’t know my place. I went searching.

The only place that I found peace was through breath as I practiced Qi Gong  in Taiwan and meditation, which I first was exposed to in the Zen group I was a part of in college.


i had to ask...

I found my way to San Francisco Zen Center, where it felt like a homecoming to be with others that were also earnestly grappling with the same questions as me:

  • How do we take care of this earth?
  • What causes human suffering (most especially our own)?
  • How do we bring less harm and more compassion into the world?

Finding my Teachers


I found my way to working with two incredibly skilled and experienced therapists and teachers: Ron Kurtz and Robert Masters. They taught me the power of the body, as well as how much can shift in a person when they get out of their minds, get out of their story, and take the courageous act of stepping towards their fears and wounds, thus opening to the wisdom and direction that is waiting to unveil itself.


More than 10 years ago I was also introduced to the The Mankind Project, which opened up a world of “men’s work” that is still a huge part of my life and practice. There was a deep healing that came from being able to be all of me with other men: vulnerable, strong, and open. I’ve always been guided by this work and how deep it goes into my heart and body..


Building community

When I left San Francisco Zen Center I pursued the dream of starting a community that is dedicated to creating a sustainable way of life. In 2005 I co-founded Full Bloom Community with my now wife and four other friends from the Zen Center — a place where people have a chance to repattern the ways of living that I saw all around me, which were isolating and out of touch with the earth.

It was an incredible learning experience. It taught me how challenging and rewarding it is to actualize something as complex as a community of human beings. I dove headfirst into the art of weaving connection: people, land, food, animals.

Doubling down on what I learned by

embracing my gifts

  • My ability to facilitate emotional healing.
  • Honest relating grounded in my own experience of busting through blockages.
  • Helping others to live empowered lives through creative coaching and deep guidance.

Besides being a guide and coach for people I am a passionate dancer/DJ, father of a four-year-old, husband, and community builder.


on your search for healing


Robert Augustus Masters, PhD (psychology), cofounder of the Masters Center for Transformation and author of Spiritual Bypassing, Transformation through Intimacy, and To Be a Man.

"Ryan Ginn is an excellent guide, with great instincts and psychological savvy, doing his work in a well-grounded, somatically-attuned, holistic fashion. Not only has Ryan trained extensively with me, but also has assisted me at a number of my men’s groups, bringing an abundance of compassion-centered presence and skill to whatever work needed to be done."