About Ryan Ginn, LPC

With practical tools and a pragmatic attitude, I help you navigate the messy world of human relationships - so that you can emerge on the other side as an improved person and partner.
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I help couples move from stuck to thriving.

In the process of transforming my own marriage, I acquired tools to empower others to do the same. No relationship is beyond repair - if both parties are open to change.

Relationship skills can be taught. If you’re seeking resources to help improve the way you show up with others, I can help you embark on a process of repatterning so that you can expand past your current limitations.


Professional Credentials

Licensed Professional Counselor
PACT Institute, Level II Couples Therapist
Hakomi Institute, Level III Somatic Therapist
Voice Dialogue Institute, Level II Trained
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Level II Trained
Trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS) work

Ryan's Background

At a time of deep searching in my college years, I discovered San Francisco Zen Center. I also met teachers who profoundly influenced me - Founder of the Hakomi Institute Ron Kurtz taught me the power of somatic Body-Centered Psychotherapy, and Robert Masters was my first exposure to group-led shadow work.

Perhaps the most influential in my journey was Stan Tatkin, the Founder of PACT: The Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy®. PACT combines neuroscience, attachment theory and the biology of human arousal to understand the foundation of how people act in relationships. When I learned the PACT method, I was transformed - both personally and professionally.

All of this was incredible for my development as a professional. But what made me who I am today was my own wife - and the teachings of my own marriage.


Despite years of searching for the answers, my relationship was struggling. My marriage to Eden was fraught with arguments, explosive comments and subsequent withdrawal by me. I felt like she was so emotional and irrational - and I was in denial about how avoidant I was being.

Truth be told, I could not tolerate the feelings of my wife. I thought I was right and I basically refused to hold space for her. Whenever she expressed frustration about something, I downplayed it.

I have employed every tool from my relational toolbox when it comes to my marriage, and it is my passion to teach you to do the same.

Instructor Robert Masters taught me healthy masculinity - how to be solid, stand tall in your values and still express yourself as an emotional being. Now, I teach other men to discover their masculine self and relate to their partner’s feelings.

Stan Tatkin taught me to consider our respective attachment styles, and why we were setting each other off. Suddenly, many of our arguments made sense. In many ways, we were not speaking the same language - and this discovery was groundbreaking.

Finally, I studied The Internal Family Systems (IFS), a psychotherapy-based practice of self-leadership that helps individuals heal by understanding and loving their protective and wounded parts. This work - which emphasizes radical curiosity and compassion for oneself and others - has informed my methodology in therapy with both couples and individuals.

By doing the work myself, I am able to help couples break harmful patterns in their relationships. I am honored to continue this work through Couple’s Therapy, group work programs at Being Men, and in both virtual and in-person workshops.

Ryan’s Approach


By doing the work to identify your own triggers, you learn to take responsibility for your role in your partnership - and break the harmful patterns that are holding you back.


Ryan Ginn helps you practice compassion for yourself and your partner, creating space for better communication and connection.


Learn new tools to help you become a better partner - sharing your inner world, having more honest conversations and moving beyond shame.

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